Can I buy a sword?

In the toy section of Target my son said “mom can I get a sword?” As the words were still leaving his mouth he grabbed the semi foam sword and stabbed his sister in the stomach. She doubled over wailing because it hurt.
Well, that was an easy no. Easiest parenting decision I have ever made.

13 thoughts on “Can I buy a sword?”

  1. I would be torn, personally. I like sharp, pointy objects. Great for personal defense, and I would want the children educated in them early. But, I could also see where having this type of event happening on a regular basis could quickly grow old.


      1. Quite welcome. I used to belong to a recreation group, so sharp objects were a common thing to have in everyone’s hands, or at least at everyone’s belt. So, teaching responsible use of them is almost second nature now. It’s the guns I have trouble with.

        Those can stay in someone else’s hands, and I would have no problems strongly discouraging those. I can’t teach anyone how to handle them, so don’t want them around.


  2. We haven’t made the foray into the foam sword world yet, but my son and I had the plastic golf club set he had taken away from us because we were caught improvising swords with them.
    Boys will forever be boys.


  3. it’s true. My son will turn everything into a sword. we are the least violent people and he still tries to stab me with foam blocks for some reason…


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