No money…

I have had money. I have had no money. I liked having money more.

A homeless guy once felt bad for me…

Once I was waiting to pay for gas and a homeless person asked me for change. I told him after I paid for the gas I’d see what I could do. I bought five bucks worth of gas in change, mostly pennies. I reached out to give him the few coins I had left and he said no thanks miss you need the money more than I do.


4 thoughts on “No money…”

      1. Agreed. Your story reminded me of the daughter of a homeless family our agency helped. She was volunteering at a food pantry to help others. It seems the people who are in need have greater empathy.


      2. The blessing of my poverty was that I now look at the world completely different. I have empathy on a different level. I do everything I can to make a difference. I couldn’t have changed so deeply had I not struggled so much. Sorry to ramble.


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