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Mom I’m going to puke

My daughter had been telling me she wasn’t feeling well. She was resting on the couch all day. She walked over to me and said “I’m sick” and I knew she was going to puke, NOW. She was standing at a doorway. On one side of her was carpet. The other side was hardwood. I quickly turned her toward the hardwood. My only thoughts were it’s easier to clean vomit from hardwood than carpet and I knew she wouldn’t make it to the bathroom to puke. So yes, she instantly puked, on the hardwood. Yes, it was much easier to clean but I feel a bit guilty that my first response when I knew puking was immediate and inevitable was to direct it away from the carpet.


Evidence I love my daughter

We recently moved and my kids haven’t met any friends yet. We went to the park and a couple girls my daughters age started talking to her. They all started to play. I was pleased, until their mom came and sat down by me. She took off her cover up and was sitting in a bikini showing me her new navel piercing . Then she took out a bottle of beer and cut a slice of lime. She took out her phone and as she talked to me she sipped her beer and took selfies. I don’t think I could have been more uncomfortable. I stayed for my daughter.

More evidence I love my kids!

Evidence I love my children

Occasionally I will post proof of my love for my children. I will show it to them or their therapist when they are older.

I took my kids to a WWE event. Over three hours of wrestling! People in the audience dressed in face paint and boas, chanting, waving signs…

I watched frozen. More than once.
Then listened to my daughters friend sing (screech) the songs for hours and I smiled…

This list will continue…