I did not pee my pants in the grocery store

I went to the beach and the waves were huge from a hurricane out in the ocean. We planned to just walk in the sand but the waves were so big they knocked us down and before we could get up another one completely covered us. I crawled out of the ocean drenched, encrusted in sand and laughing.
I didn’t want to drench the car seats so I sat on my flip flops. It didn’t help the seats stay dry it just made my ride uncomfortable.
I needed milk for breakfast for my kids so I stopped at a food store. I was covered in sand and wet but thought I’d just run in quickly.
I grabbed the milk and got in line. The older man in line ahead of me was arguing over the price of grapes. I waited, and waited. I looked down and sand was falling off me. There was a pile of it by my feet. I felt a little uncomfortable. Hurry up with the grapes guy. I’m still standing in line and noticed the water was dripping from the cuffs of my Jean capri pants. I was now standing in a small puddle. I was more than uncomfortable I was embarrassed. My son must have gotten tired of waiting in the car. He showed up behind me in line. He was drenched too. He looked at me. He looked at the puddle by my feet and said Miss the depends are in isle four. The people around me stared. The old man with the grapes nodded, and said yep isle four.

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