13 thoughts on “Embarrassed by his selfies”

  1. I went out with a guy who wanted to take me out whilst wearing the leather jacket he bought with “Highlander” artwork emblazoned on the back. I found it so embarrassing that I started making excuses to stay in. He wanted to get married.

    My husband’s name is Tom. His wasn’t.

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      1. Well… *sigh* Honestly it sounds kind of juvenile to me, and I’m the most immature person I know.

        I guess I think if you are only kind of with him, and you’re already embarrassed by his behavior, then you need to take that into consideration.


  2. It’s real simple.

    Can you tolerate the behavior for one day? He’s a date.

    Can you tolerate it for a month? He’s a fling.

    Can you tolerate it for a year? He’s a relationship.

    Can you ignore it completely and still be happy? Accept his ring.

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  3. Haha! I know a guy who does this at the gym, then there was another one who would keep flexing his pecks while he spoke to me, it was disconcertingly hypnotising! 😀 Now I’m not sure if it’s me, maybe I give off something to attract these guys? 😀


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