Don’t be “that guy”

I was at a Super Bowl party and there was that one guy that was so annoying.

The host said “did you like the cheese puffs”
That guy said “75% of them didn’t have cheese, but they were alright”
Host “why did you eat them then?”
That guy said “what am I suppose to do, spit them out?”

That guy said “Those commercials aren’t funny. I work in film you know, I don’t get it! I just don’t get it. I work I film you know”

(We all work in film. Not impressive)

That guy said “That’s Charlene Tilton! Wow, she looks good.
Host said “nope, that’s Kate Upton”

He kept moving his chair closer and closer to the TV. By the end of the game he was sitting within touching range of TV.

That guy yelled at the TV constantly and referred to himself as a Patriot.
“We made that pass. We ran the ball. YAAAAAA!!!”


14 thoughts on “Don’t be “that guy””

      1. Ugh. Well my dentist in Colorado has gotten pre-approval for my treatment, so it’s up to me now to book the treatment and book a plane ticket. My good friend here S thinks I should see HER dentist here in Florida and see if they can help me. We’ll see. Still in pain 😉


  1. The “We” sports fans are my mortal enemies on this planet. My mother-in-law is one, and I can only thinly veil my rage when the heavy, mid-50s woman with back problems tries to insert herself as a member of her favorite baseball team as if there wouldn’t have been any success without her.

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