Lisa and her jar of poison spiders

We had lived in LA and ended up in a very rural southern town for a year. Our neighbor across the street wore church dresses and hats yet carried a shot gun over her shoulder.

One afternoon Lisa came over with a large glass jar. She invited herself in, sat on our couch and demanded I get the kids. She had a surprise. I shuddered. I felt fear. I reminded myself I had been to Walmart at two AM in one of the worst parts of LA. If I can do that I can’t and won’t be frightened by Lisa and her jar.
We gathered around Lisa. She told us the jar was full of poison spiders and they were a gift. She collects them and wanted to share them. “Just don’t touch them. My boyfriend almost lost his hand cause he got bit” She warned.
“Don’t worry about him they just cut off a finger and some skin. He is fine”
She reminded us to “Feed um quick and close the lid”

Lisa left quickly and we all stared at the jar. I suggested the kids throw the jar away. They said I’m the mom I should throw it away.
Yep, I’m the mom. I had to do something. I grabbed a garbage bag put the jar in. Tied it and took it outside.

She wanted us to learn about spiders but we learned to hide from Lisa.
We want to go home…

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