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Wardrobe shopping on Halloween

I assisted a wardrobe stylist in LA on many commercials. She was very unusual but she liked me and the money was great. We had to buy additional wardrobe for a commercial. The powers that be completely changed the wardrobe for the talent. We only had a couple hours before the mall closed to get the new clothes we needed. What made the shopping a challenge (or nightmare) was it was Halloween and the mall was having a trick or treat at the mall event. I have never seen so many children! I couldn’t get from one store to another. The commercial couldn’t be shot without the clothes and if I didn’t come through with my half the list I would never work for that stylist or production company again (no, pressure). I got a call from the stylist and she said she was almost done with her half of the list. I couldn’t believe she was getting her shopping done so quickly! I couldn’t get from one store to the next! I asked her how she was moving so quickly through the sea of trick or treaters! She said “easy, I carried two large paper Macy’s bags, one in each hand and I swing them front to back, front to back. This is like a wrecking ball, it knocks the kids out of my way and opens up a path”
I said “oh come on now you are joking” (hoping she would say she was)
She responded I get the job done and I hate kids, you know that. Sadly, I did. She finished her list early and went for dinner. I was at the mall until they kicked me out.