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Concerned gas station attendant?

I just paid for gas inside a 7-11. I tried to pump the gas but it didn’t work. I went in and told the cashier the pump didn’t seem to be working. He said I took too long to get to the pump and he gave me a long explanation about their pumps and a new system and more. He said he adjusted the pump and I should try to pump gas again. I said I’ll hurry out to the pump. He said “don’t run in such a way you will hurt yourself” I laughed! I also ran out to the pump in an awkward and to me amusing way.


Invitation for lunch

I’ve had some ups and downs financially. Really high, highs and really low, lows!
During one of those downs I took my kids to Taco Bell for a “treat”. I could barely afford a few 99 cent tacos. A friend joined us for lunch. She talked about a great new place for lunch and invited me to try it one day. They had the best appetizer and it was only 125 dollars. (125 dollars! Lol) I swallowed my bite of bean burrito and reminded her that we were in Taco Bell, because I have no money. She looked confused and said I know that’s why I invited you for lunch.
I laughed! She looked even more confused.

My cat on the fridge

I just moved into a new place. I was excited to show my brother (with a PhD) that I (the only family member without a PhD) was getting my life together. He was sitting in my only chair talking to me. I was listening and noticed my cat, Jumping from box to box behind my brother. I tried not to watch the cat too much so my brother wouldn’t look behind him. Then the cat jumped on my kitchen island, from the island to the kitchen counter. I wanted to get the cat but I didn’t want my brother to see the cat on the counter. He would be freaked out. I listened to my brother, I nodded occasionally, glanced at the cat frequently. I watched the cat leap onto the top of the refrigerator. I couldn’t believe he jumped that high. I really wanted to get the cat down but I ignored him as best I could. The cat stood on his back feet still on top of my fridge. I was impressed. My brother saw me looking over his shoulder. He looked at me, then the cat. He shook his head and left the room. I think disappointed pretty much sums up that head shake.