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Talking in my sleep

I was reminded of this story by a dear old friend. He said it was the anniversary of this “event”

My friend and I were flying to my parents home for Christmas. It was a five hour flight. We both ate cute little turkey sandwiches cut in four pieces with brightly colored toothpicks holding the sandwich fourths together. Shortly after I ate I fell asleep leaning against him. He said I started to mumble a little in my sleep. We had traveled together before so that wasn’t a surprise to him. Then I got a little louder, and louder. I started saying “aaaaa, aaaaaaaa, AHHHHH” He was getting a little embarrassed so he nudged me a little to wake me. Then I got louder and a littler clearer, “the toothpick, I swallowed the toothpick, I SWALLOWED THE TOOTHPICK”. He said everyone was looking at us at this point. Some were concerned. He was telling the people I was fine not to worry as he tried to wake me. I awoke to people looking at me. He explained to me what happened and I told him I had a dream that I had eaten the toothpick in the sandwich. We laughed and people continued to glance at us. He said he’d never fly with me again, but that was a lie because he has flown with me many times. He never let’s me forget the toothpick story, he reminds me every year on our “toothpick aversary”