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She was the new Producer

I was freelance and working on a commercial. One morning I came to the production office and there was someone new in the office. I introduced myself to her. She was about twenty one, tall and very cute. We made small talk and she said she was producing this commercial. I was surprised to hear that and asked where else she had worked. She said yesterday she was a bartender at a small restaurant and the owner of the production company came in and after a couple drinks hired her as a producer. I asked if she knew what a producer did and she said no. She also asked me to help her fill out a fed ex form. We went through each line. I thought it was self explanatory, I guess not. It took us 20 minutes to fill it out together. I thought we were done until she came back and asked if Illinois was the city or Chicago was the city because she “always gets that mixed up”. Yes, that was a long day