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Rich people problems 3

He was at the office for a couple hours and needed a massage therapist to come in and give him a massage before lunch. He had an old sports injury that was “acting up”. He said “it was an intense massage, almost brought me to tears when he worked on my bad shoulder” After the massage he planned to go out for lunch and then go home. He said “it has been a draining day. I almost had to go out for a business dinner, so glad I dodged that bullet”

As he left he said “God, I have to look for another job”

More rich people problems to come.


Rich people problems 2

I was eating my PBJ sandwich and he said “I had to go out to eat every day at lunch this week for business. It was such an inconvenience and I only got 40.00 a day for lunch”
I offered him a piece of my PBJ sandwich. He refused.

” I won’t be going in to work Friday. We will have lunch and then rock climb. My day is 12:00 to 4:30. God I hate this job”

More rich people problems to come.