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Where am I going

My kids wanted to go see a country concert last night. I agreed we should go. How could I not go, my kids wanted me to go with them. Soon they might not.  I was on the phone and mentioned the concert to my brother. 

I said “we are going to see a concert tonight, Angelina Ballerina”

My daughter said “it’s Kelsea Ballerini. Angelina Ballerina is a child’s book. About a mouse”

I laughed and said “Whoops. It’s kinda close, sort of”.

She said “Nope. Not one bit”       but I saw her smile, even though she tried not to. 


She knew

I was pumping gas into my car at a very busy gas station. As I was standing by the car i saw a sign on the  entrance. It said “visit our expanded craft section” I said “wow, who would think a little gas station like this would have a craft section” My daughter said “mom,  I think that’s a beer section, there aren’t any knitting needle and yarn in a gas station!” I said “how do you know that?” She said “how do you not know that!”

Then we laughed, until we cried. 

I wear her earrings

I was looking at some old pictures with a friend today. There were pictures of me at about twenty five years old, when I worked at a young hip production company (we made the special effects in some of the biggest films of that time) I was dressed all trendy in the pictures and then there were seven pictures of me at work dressed like a fifty year old Midwestern librarian. My friend asked me what happened to me in those pictures. I told her this. My mom was very sick and came out to Los Angeles to visit me. I couldn’t believe she was able to make the trip. When she saw me dressed for work she said “oh you don’t have to wear that to work, honey. I have some cute things you can wear” So I let her dress me head to toe all week. In her pleated skirts, paisley blouses, plastic beaded necklaces, clip on button earrings and my hair in a bun. She bought me panty hose too. She raved about how good I looked and asked if my boyfriend liked my new clothes. I thanked her for the compliments and assured (read that lied to her) that my boyfriend (who was in a hard rock band) liked my new look, a lot. She was pleased by that information. Mom was sure I would be much more successful at work if I wore a little less denim and a lot more knee length flowered skirts. I received many curious stares that week, but no one asked why I had changed my style. Mom went home and I wore my own clothes again. Mom didn’t live much longer after her visit. I’m glad I made her happy that week. I pull out the clip on earring on occasion as a nod to her, it probably makes her smile. 

Don’t dress in the dark

I had been up most of the night because both of my kids were sick. I was exhausted when I had to get up at 5:00 AM and go to an event for work. With the help of the GPS I arrived with a co worker at the location and found a parking spot. As we were walking to the building I felt my co worker touching the back of my blouse. She said “is your blouse inside out?” I said “of course not”, then I looked at my sleeves and realized it was. As I’m looking down at my sleeves I hear the client yell my name. He was standing on the steps of the building we were approaching about 25 yards away. I waved. Turned around and walked about 6 feet behind me and stepped behind a tall hedge, pulled off my shirt and slipped it back on the right way. My co worker stood in front of me trying to hide me as I took my shirt off (unfortunately I’m eight inches taller than she is) and I could still hear the client yelling my name. After I fixed my shirt we walked over to our client. He said “you went the wrong way! I didn’t want you to miss me, where did you go” I said “I thought I left something in my car, I was going to go back to my car but found it” He said “oh, ok…and just stared. I don’t know what he thought but he did seem perplexed. The meeting did go well and thankfully he flew back to NY. 

Mom can’t come along

I went out on a golf course to watch my son play golf. I rode along with him in the cart. I know nothing about golf. 

My son said “it’s in! It’s in!”

His friends said “it’s in? Yes!! It’s in!!

I said “I don’t see it. In where? In the hole?”

He said “no in that bunker over there about 600 yards away. Of course in the hole” (read that with sarcasm)
I said “I’m not coming next time am I?”
He said “I can’t believe you even asked” 

I said “I’ll take that as a maybe”