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They ignored him

My kids dad made a rare visit. It was a surprise. He just showed up. He must be exhausted from fighting his demons.The kids were singing at church tonight so I invited him to come and see his kids. I figured the kids would love to show off for him and church couldn’t possibly hurt him. I was surprised he agreed. He walked in to get a seat for us. I came and joined him and he was upset as he told me that he tried to get a seat up close but that rude woman wouldn’t let me get by and when he talked to her she ignored him.  He was angry. He is usually angry. So, I pointed to the large sign that said deaf section. He was quiet. 



I had a flashback while I was waiting at a stop light.

I sat in the car staring down at my bare legs in shorts. Avoiding eye contact as he yelled and cursed at me. Just a few more miles and we would be at our destination and he would get out of the car. When we arrived I changed seats and he left. I stared at my legs and just sat in the car. I realized at that moment I hated myself for allowing him to treat me like that. That’s when I knew it was over. Finally.

Never order the dessert

Went out with a guy last night. We split nachos. I had ice tea, he had a drink.
After the nachos which he ate most of I asked if he wanted to split a dessert. He said yes, and I should pick one. I picked one and we ate it. (again he ate most of it. That’s not a problem it just needs to be noted) As he dropped me off he mentioned that I ordered dessert 3 times. The last time he said you ordered dessert and didn’t even eat much, I had to finish it.

Not that it matters but he makes six figure.

Eating plastic eggs?

Him-the eggs taste burnt
Me-I don’t think so
Him-tastes like plastic
Me-plastic? I don’t thinks so
Him-like you have the handle of the pan melted in there.
Me-what? That’s not even possible
Him-did you use a plastic spatula and melt it in there?
Him-what did you use.
Me-a spoon
Him-walks over to the stove and inspects
Me-you ate three helpings? There isn’t one bite of eggs left. Then I had to laugh.