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I wear her earrings

I was looking at some old pictures with a friend today. There were pictures of me at about twenty five years old, when I worked at a young hip production company (we made the special effects in some of the biggest films of that time) I was dressed all trendy in the pictures and then there were seven pictures of me at work dressed like a fifty year old Midwestern librarian. My friend asked me what happened to me in those pictures. I told her this. My mom was very sick and came out to Los Angeles to visit me. I couldn’t believe she was able to make the trip. When she saw me dressed for work she said “oh you don’t have to wear that to work, honey. I have some cute things you can wear” So I let her dress me head to toe all week. In her pleated skirts, paisley blouses, plastic beaded necklaces, clip on button earrings and my hair in a bun. She bought me panty hose too. She raved about how good I looked and asked if my boyfriend liked my new clothes. I thanked her for the compliments and assured (read that lied to her) that my boyfriend (who was in a hard rock band) liked my new look, a lot. She was pleased by that information. Mom was sure I would be much more successful at work if I wore a little less denim and a lot more knee length flowered skirts. I received many curious stares that week, but no one asked why I had changed my style. Mom went home and I wore my own clothes again. Mom didn’t live much longer after her visit. I’m glad I made her happy that week. I pull out the clip on earring on occasion as a nod to her, it probably makes her smile.