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Tug of war

I participated in a tug of war. It was my first and last tug of war. There were about 20 people on each side. The other side tugged hard and I didn’t let go quick enough. My hands were full of rope burns. I stopped at a fast food place when we were almost home. I saw a paramedic in the restaurant and showed him my hands. He made a few suggestions gave me ice for them and suggested I not join in future tug of wars.
So here is my life lesson. Life is the tug of war. I can’t hold on too tight. If I hold on tight thinking I can stop inevitable change in my life I get rope burns. I need to learn when to let go of the rope.
I also learned to never join a tug of war and that I probably shouldn’t ask paramedics I don’t know for medical advice in fast food joints. Live and learn.