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One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by http://agirlnamedwanda.com Thankyou for the nomination!!! “You like me, you really like me” (thank you Sally Fields)

The One Lovely Blog Award nominations are chosen by bloggers for newer and up-and-coming bloggers. They give recognition and help new bloggers. It recognizes blogs that are considered to be “lovely” by fellow bloggers.
Thanks again http://agirlnamedwanda.com and everyone go check out her blog!

Seven things about me.
1-I crashed an Eddie Murphy party.
2-I was trapped downtown in the LA riots.
3-I smoked cigars on a terrace with Milton Berle
4-I survived the Northridge earthquake
5-I was in a fitting room and walked out to look in the mirror. Standing next to me looking in the same mirror wearing the same dress was Tammy Faye Baker. (I didn’t buy the dress or ever walk in that store again) I went to Fat Burger after the dress crisis and sat down next to Jessica Hahn.
5-I have been in the tunnels at NFL football games as the teams ran through. The roar of the crowd was amazing.
6-I have hugged Brad Pitt
7-I was filming a documentary at a famous musicians house. It was late afternoon on Halloween. I sat in the living room eating full size candy bars from a bowl he intended to give the trick or treaters. Before we (the crew) realized it we had eaten all his candy. We didn’t tell him. We just left. As we walked out trick or treater were walking up to his door.
8-My car spun around and did a 180 on a LA freeway. There wasn’t a car anywhere. I wasn’t hurt. I have never seen a freeway empty like that. I was pregnant. That was my miracle.

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She was the new Producer

I was freelance and working on a commercial. One morning I came to the production office and there was someone new in the office. I introduced myself to her. She was about twenty one, tall and very cute. We made small talk and she said she was producing this commercial. I was surprised to hear that and asked where else she had worked. She said yesterday she was a bartender at a small restaurant and the owner of the production company came in and after a couple drinks hired her as a producer. I asked if she knew what a producer did and she said no. She also asked me to help her fill out a fed ex form. We went through each line. I thought it was self explanatory, I guess not. It took us 20 minutes to fill it out together. I thought we were done until she came back and asked if Illinois was the city or Chicago was the city because she “always gets that mixed up”. Yes, that was a long day

Wardrobe shopping on Halloween

I assisted a wardrobe stylist in LA on many commercials. She was very unusual but she liked me and the money was great. We had to buy additional wardrobe for a commercial. The powers that be completely changed the wardrobe for the talent. We only had a couple hours before the mall closed to get the new clothes we needed. What made the shopping a challenge (or nightmare) was it was Halloween and the mall was having a trick or treat at the mall event. I have never seen so many children! I couldn’t get from one store to another. The commercial couldn’t be shot without the clothes and if I didn’t come through with my half the list I would never work for that stylist or production company again (no, pressure). I got a call from the stylist and she said she was almost done with her half of the list. I couldn’t believe she was getting her shopping done so quickly! I couldn’t get from one store to the next! I asked her how she was moving so quickly through the sea of trick or treaters! She said “easy, I carried two large paper Macy’s bags, one in each hand and I swing them front to back, front to back. This is like a wrecking ball, it knocks the kids out of my way and opens up a path”
I said “oh come on now you are joking” (hoping she would say she was)
She responded I get the job done and I hate kids, you know that. Sadly, I did. She finished her list early and went for dinner. I was at the mall until they kicked me out.

No money…

I have had money. I have had no money. I liked having money more.

A homeless guy once felt bad for me…

Once I was waiting to pay for gas and a homeless person asked me for change. I told him after I paid for the gas I’d see what I could do. I bought five bucks worth of gas in change, mostly pennies. I reached out to give him the few coins I had left and he said no thanks miss you need the money more than I do.