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She was the new Producer

I was freelance and working on a commercial. One morning I came to the production office and there was someone new in the office. I introduced myself to her. She was about twenty one, tall and very cute. We made small talk and she said she was producing this commercial. I was surprised to hear that and asked where else she had worked. She said yesterday she was a bartender at a small restaurant and the owner of the production company came in and after a couple drinks hired her as a producer. I asked if she knew what a producer did and she said no. She also asked me to help her fill out a fed ex form. We went through each line. I thought it was self explanatory, I guess not. It took us 20 minutes to fill it out together. I thought we were done until she came back and asked if Illinois was the city or Chicago was the city because she “always gets that mixed up”. Yes, that was a long day


Wardrobe shopping on Halloween

I assisted a wardrobe stylist in LA on many commercials. She was very unusual but she liked me and the money was great. We had to buy additional wardrobe for a commercial. The powers that be completely changed the wardrobe for the talent. We only had a couple hours before the mall closed to get the new clothes we needed. What made the shopping a challenge (or nightmare) was it was Halloween and the mall was having a trick or treat at the mall event. I have never seen so many children! I couldn’t get from one store to another. The commercial couldn’t be shot without the clothes and if I didn’t come through with my half the list I would never work for that stylist or production company again (no, pressure). I got a call from the stylist and she said she was almost done with her half of the list. I couldn’t believe she was getting her shopping done so quickly! I couldn’t get from one store to the next! I asked her how she was moving so quickly through the sea of trick or treaters! She said “easy, I carried two large paper Macy’s bags, one in each hand and I swing them front to back, front to back. This is like a wrecking ball, it knocks the kids out of my way and opens up a path”
I said “oh come on now you are joking” (hoping she would say she was)
She responded I get the job done and I hate kids, you know that. Sadly, I did. She finished her list early and went for dinner. I was at the mall until they kicked me out.

Bring me more tea!

I had just started out in the film business. I was told to bring the Director a cup of tea. I brought her the cup of tea as requested. She took a sip and said it wasn’t hot enough so she poured it out on the floor and told me to get her another one and make it hot this time. Her next cup I put in the microwave until it was scalding! I think that one was hot enough. Then I had to go clean up the floor where she dumped her tea. Now that was a glamorous day in Hollywood.