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No money…

I have had money. I have had no money. I liked having money more.

A homeless guy once felt bad for me…

Once I was waiting to pay for gas and a homeless person asked me for change. I told him after I paid for the gas I’d see what I could do. I bought five bucks worth of gas in change, mostly pennies. I reached out to give him the few coins I had left and he said no thanks miss you need the money more than I do.


She is 88. Old and funny

Mrs B was an old woman that lived across the street. She was 88.

-She was driving down the street with her back doors open. My brother chased her up the street yelling Mrs B your doors are open. Sadly, Mrs B couldn’t hear. God only knows how far she drove like that.

-Mrs B saw my dogs plastic hamburger bun chew toy on the carpet and announced “oh, my, someone dropped their dinner bun!” She didn’t stop until I finally picked it up and claimed it as mine.

-She asked my mom if she thought she would have a better chance at renewing her license if she used one crutch or two. She thought since she wasn’t quite 90 she had a good chance.

Trimming facial hair at McDonalds

I was at McDonalds and a man in his 70’s was looking into a mirror combing his eyebrows then he took scissors and trimmed then. I stopped eating. I lost my appetite but I was fascinated by the old man. Then he took his scissors and started trimming his nose hair. I needed to leave. My kids insisted on staying. 
The table was covered with little tiny hairs. I can’t go back there

My cat has fleas and my house does too-part 2

My last blog left with the cat and my house infested with fleas.

I called a pet store and they said they would bathe my cat for a hundred buck or I could buy a bottle of dawn dish detergent and wash him myself. Since I didn’t have a hundred bucks I opted for giving him a bath myself. How hard can it be. I bought the dawn and headed home happy to be solving half my problem. I put on a thick yellow fleece to protect my flesh in case the cat didn’t cooperate in the tub. Filled the tub with water and bubbles. Brought the cat in and closed the bathroom door. I hoped he would know I was trying to help and let me wash him. He didn’t know. He did everything in his power to escape me and the tub. My fleece looked like the beaded hippie curtain you separated to walk through from the 60’s.

And the house is still infested with fleas. Check out part 3

My cat has fleas my house does too-part 1

My cat has fleas. Every pet store tells me it’s impossible for an indoor cat to have fleas.

Now my cat has fleas and my carpet has fleas. I can’t tell people this. They would be freaked out. I have bites all over my legs. I didn’t want to use chemicals so after googling I sprinkled the floor with borax and vacuumed 20 times a day. This didn’t work. It just made the fleas angry. I sprayed the cat with an natural remedy now the cat is angry, smells like a spice rack and still has fleas.

I bought flea bombs at the pet store. I nervously read all the instructions. I am terrified of all chemicals but I had no choice. I have at least 50 bites on my legs. I ran from room to room turning the bombs on with a bandana around my face covering my mouth.
I left for the afternoon reminding myself that I had to use the bug bombs, it would all be ok. I came home opened all the windows to air the place out, sat on the couch and put my feet up. I congratulated myself on a job well done looked at my feet and saw six fleas on my ankle. The fleas weren’t gone, yep, just even angrier.

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