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A confession

I have had money and had no money. Having money was better.
The film business has a lot of twists and turns. Sometimes there is work, sometimes there isn’t. About a year ago in one of my phases of having no money I was working nights at a very nice restaurant to feed my kids until things got better. An older man came in and ate and then came over to the front door where I was standing and chatted with me. We had a little conversation and he reached his hand out to shake mine as he was leaving. As he shook my hand he simultaneously gave my butt a pat and slipped money in my hand. Out the door he raced. I looked in my hand and there was a hundred dollar bill. I was a little stunned. I was offended that he just grabbed my butt and I was shocked that he slipped a hundred in my hand and raced away. This is my blog confession. I could have caught up with him and confronted him but I didn’t say a word. I slipped the hundred in my pocket. I really needed the money. I never saw the man again and I never told anyone until now. I always felt guilty about that.


Therapist for the rich

I once worked for a multi millionaire who always talked about feeling guilty about his money. He inherited his money from his dad. He spent wildly! He bought his in laws an exact replica of his mansion and all the furnishings. He did this so his kids would never be “homesick”. Every toy and possession his children had at his house he had a duplicate at his in laws. He didn’t ever want his kids to miss a toy or possession while at their grandparents so the duplicate of every item helped insure that they would “never be sad”

So my rich boss was constantly either spending money wildly or feeling guilty. There was no middle ground. One day he called me excited that he found a way to deal with his guilt. He found a therapist that only took patients who were multi millionaires and the therapist would help him feel less guilt. He explained to me that his new therapist could only help rich people and their problems.
He saw the therapist five days a week and then would binge spend.
I was much younger then and frequently wished I had his problems.