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How do some people survive?

I went to visit a new friend for dinner. They are in their early 40’s. I brought my kids, they brought pizza. We were chatting and she asked if I’d ever had flatware fall into the garbage disposal. I said “of course.”
She said “it happened to you, too?”
He said “what did you do!”
I said “I pulled it out.”
They gasped! They said something like how did you do that! I can’t believe it!
In their eyes I became a superhero, I didn’t know why.
She said “how did you get it out?!”
I said “I turned off the garbage disposal and put my hand in and took the fork out.”
They GASPED! They said “You what?!?”
“How?!” “Did you turn the house power off?” “Take the batteries out?”
I said “nope, turned off the garbage disposal, put my hand in, pulled out the fork”
No big deal, it happens.
He said “would you get the knife out of our disposal, it’s been there for weeks and we didn’t know what to do?”
I laughed, I probably shouldn’t have. Then I removed the knife from their disposal.
They gushed over me. It was as if I won a Nobel Prize.
I still wonder how they have survived a combined age of over eighty years.

As I was leaving she asked me to show her how to make a grilled cheese sandwich next time I visit.