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Ugly brown wedding dress

I had a dream before I got married that I was in an ugly brown wedding dress with a huge pocket covering the front. In the dream I was trying to escape the wedding but couldn’t. Hmmm…Now I pay attention to my dreams. Lesson learned a little late…
Eh, who am I kidding I learned nothing.


What use to be

I had an amazing career. In fashion. Key word being HAD. Right now I’m wearing a regifted t shirt, one dollar flip flops and old navy denim capri’s. Oh, and I dyed my hair myself. That tidbit completes the picture.
I had a gift card to an amazing make up store. I’ve avoided using it for almost 2 years. I know make up or maybe I knew make up. I felt inadequate so I never wandered in.
One look at the new me and it would be assumed I don’t belong there. Truth is after my fall from grace I probably don’t. I might not even want to belong there anymore.

Part 1