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Where am I going

My kids wanted to go see a country concert last night. I agreed we should go. How could I not go, my kids wanted me to go with them. Soon they might not.  I was on the phone and mentioned the concert to my brother. 

I said “we are going to see a concert tonight, Angelina Ballerina”

My daughter said “it’s Kelsea Ballerini. Angelina Ballerina is a child’s book. About a mouse”

I laughed and said “Whoops. It’s kinda close, sort of”.

She said “Nope. Not one bit”       but I saw her smile, even though she tried not to. 


My cat on the fridge

I just moved into a new place. I was excited to show my brother (with a PhD) that I (the only family member without a PhD) was getting my life together. He was sitting in my only chair talking to me. I was listening and noticed my cat, Jumping from box to box behind my brother. I tried not to watch the cat too much so my brother wouldn’t look behind him. Then the cat jumped on my kitchen island, from the island to the kitchen counter. I wanted to get the cat but I didn’t want my brother to see the cat on the counter. He would be freaked out. I listened to my brother, I nodded occasionally, glanced at the cat frequently. I watched the cat leap onto the top of the refrigerator. I couldn’t believe he jumped that high. I really wanted to get the cat down but I ignored him as best I could. The cat stood on his back feet still on top of my fridge. I was impressed. My brother saw me looking over his shoulder. He looked at me, then the cat. He shook his head and left the room. I think disappointed pretty much sums up that head shake.

You lie like the mailman…

I moved and unfortunately have two places for one month. Sounds glamorous, (read this sentence like Thurston Howell the third) I left my keys at my other home, oh my it’s confusing having two homes. The glamour goes away quickly because I have to pay two rent and two utilities and I’m barely paying one.

I went to check my mail at home one because I’m not getting much at home two. My box was full of mail! I asked the postal worker standing by the box why I’m not getting my mail forwarded. He said “because I don’t work every day, only I forward your mail” I said come on you don’t forward it the main post office does. He says “nope I do it” I said come on you put the little yellow sticker on my mail with
the new address? He said “yep, I do”
I was like come on now, you are messing with me. He said “nope I print little yellow labels in my truck” I said something like oh, come on now you do not. He was silent just stared and smoked. I said I hope I start getting my mail… He said “here’s hoping”

I walked away. Discouraged.

My family has a new expression if we think someone isn’t being truthful.
“You lie like the mailman”