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A confession

I have had money and had no money. Having money was better.
The film business has a lot of twists and turns. Sometimes there is work, sometimes there isn’t. About a year ago in one of my phases of having no money I was working nights at a very nice restaurant to feed my kids until things got better. An older man came in and ate and then came over to the front door where I was standing and chatted with me. We had a little conversation and he reached his hand out to shake mine as he was leaving. As he shook my hand he simultaneously gave my butt a pat and slipped money in my hand. Out the door he raced. I looked in my hand and there was a hundred dollar bill. I was a little stunned. I was offended that he just grabbed my butt and I was shocked that he slipped a hundred in my hand and raced away. This is my blog confession. I could have caught up with him and confronted him but I didn’t say a word. I slipped the hundred in my pocket. I really needed the money. I never saw the man again and I never told anyone until now. I always felt guilty about that.