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They ignored him

My kids dad made a rare visit. It was a surprise. He just showed up. He must be exhausted from fighting his demons.The kids were singing at church tonight so I invited him to come and see his kids. I figured the kids would love to show off for him and church couldn’t possibly hurt him. I was surprised he agreed. He walked in to get a seat for us. I came and joined him and he was upset as he told me that he tried to get a seat up close but that rude woman wouldn’t let me get by and when he talked to her she ignored him.  He was angry. He is usually angry. So, I pointed to the large sign that said deaf section. He was quiet. 


Singing in church

As long as I’m posting about church I couldn’t resist sharing this.

A friend of mine spent the summer caring for mentally disabled adults. He loved his job and was a brilliant caretaker. He would bring the two men to church on Sunday afternoons and he invited me to join them.
They loved to come and sing and clap and eat donuts. One Sunday after the band finished a song one of the guys yelled out, now sing “Roll Out The Barrel” and much to my surprise the band played it and the whole congregation sang it.
I still smile at the memory.

What not to sing in Sunday School

I was about five and I went to Sunday School for the first time. I was asked by the little old lady who was teaching the class if there was a song I’d like to sing. I said Yes, can we sing “You Can Take Barnie Out Of The Bar Room But You Can’t Take The Bar Room Out Of Barnie”
I can still see the look of horror in the teachers eyes as she sweetly said she didn’t know that one.