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Cheeseburger with no cheese

I took my kids to a local burger place for dinner. I ordered for my daughter. She wanted a kids cheeseburger meal. I ordered it and the clerk said they had cheeseburgers but with no cheese. I was surprised, no cheese? At all? Really? I asked the girl if she was sure. She said that’s right we have no cheese, except goat cheese. I wanted to say why does a burger place like this have goat cheese but I didn’t really want to know. I just wanted to feed my kids and go home. I held back my need to tell her that a cheeseburger with no cheese is a hamburger. My son ordered his dinner. We got our burgers and sat down. I looked at my son’s meal and it was a cheeseburger. Cheese between each layer. Orange processed cheese. I asked my son how he got cheese and he said he just ordered a double cheeseburger. Then my daughter starts with how come he got cheese. I went to the counter and asked the clerk for cheese for my daughter. I reminded her that she said the restaurant had no cheese. She just stared at me. She said nothing. Another clerk came up and put a piece of cold cheese wrapped in plastic on a plate, gave it to me and pointed at the tip jar. I would have taken anything orange to give my daughter at that point. I was so frustrated I told my kids we would never come back, but truth be told I know eventually we will. The kids do too. They looked at me and smiled while I ranted about the cheese. The burger place will have a toy with the meal and it will be late and the kids will be hungry and I will be tired and I will go and they will probably be out of cheese.

Just to let you know I didn’t put anything in the tip jar.