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I shouldn’t have looked at his Facebook

I’m with this guy (kinda) and I shouldn’t have looked at his Facebook. It’s selfies flexing (that’s a previous post)
Memes mocking overweight people, cats, guinea pigs and Mother Teresa. Did I mention he’s 45. Even I can’t overlook that. Sigh…


My cat on the fridge

I just moved into a new place. I was excited to show my brother (with a PhD) that I (the only family member without a PhD) was getting my life together. He was sitting in my only chair talking to me. I was listening and noticed my cat, Jumping from box to box behind my brother. I tried not to watch the cat too much so my brother wouldn’t look behind him. Then the cat jumped on my kitchen island, from the island to the kitchen counter. I wanted to get the cat but I didn’t want my brother to see the cat on the counter. He would be freaked out. I listened to my brother, I nodded occasionally, glanced at the cat frequently. I watched the cat leap onto the top of the refrigerator. I couldn’t believe he jumped that high. I really wanted to get the cat down but I ignored him as best I could. The cat stood on his back feet still on top of my fridge. I was impressed. My brother saw me looking over his shoulder. He looked at me, then the cat. He shook his head and left the room. I think disappointed pretty much sums up that head shake.

My cat has fleas and my house does too-part 4

I need to get rid of the fleas. I’m running out of options. I obviously can’t tell anyone about the fleas in my carpet and my cat living on the table, except random pet store clerks. I bought a spray for the carpet a pet store clerk recommended. I was desperate. I planned to spray it in the morning and leave the spray to work it’s magic. My dad was in town he made plans to take me to lunch. It was perfect. I’d spray my place and wait outside for dad. When I get home I’d be flea free. I sprayed and I was heading out the door and I turn around to see my dad. He said he needed to use the bathroom. I left my place in a cloud of chemicals. I couldn’t let my dad go in, but that would mean I’d have to tell him my place was full of fleas I couldn’t kill and my cat lived on my coffee table. I couldn’t risk dad going in my place without a hazmat suit so I told him he couldn’t go in and why. He shook his head, the you have got to be kidding me look in his eye. Yep, I disappointed him again,
and I had a house full of chemicals and the cat lives on the coffee table.

My cat has fleas and my house does too-part 3

Where my other blogs left off was that my cat has fleas and so does my house.

My cat is smarter than I ever knew. Apparently he knew the fleas were on the carpet and refused to walk on it. He took up residence on my coffee table. He refused to get down except to use the litter. I realized he was getting thinner because he wouldn’t even get down to eat. I put his bowl on the coffee table until I could kill the fleas. When he went to the litter he jumped from chair to chair to avoid the carpet or when I came to the coffee table he’d stand on his back feet reaching for me and I’d carry him around like a baby so he could get off the table.

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My cat has fleas and my house does too-part 2

My last blog left with the cat and my house infested with fleas.

I called a pet store and they said they would bathe my cat for a hundred buck or I could buy a bottle of dawn dish detergent and wash him myself. Since I didn’t have a hundred bucks I opted for giving him a bath myself. How hard can it be. I bought the dawn and headed home happy to be solving half my problem. I put on a thick yellow fleece to protect my flesh in case the cat didn’t cooperate in the tub. Filled the tub with water and bubbles. Brought the cat in and closed the bathroom door. I hoped he would know I was trying to help and let me wash him. He didn’t know. He did everything in his power to escape me and the tub. My fleece looked like the beaded hippie curtain you separated to walk through from the 60’s.

And the house is still infested with fleas. Check out part 3

My cat has fleas my house does too-part 1

My cat has fleas. Every pet store tells me it’s impossible for an indoor cat to have fleas.

Now my cat has fleas and my carpet has fleas. I can’t tell people this. They would be freaked out. I have bites all over my legs. I didn’t want to use chemicals so after googling I sprinkled the floor with borax and vacuumed 20 times a day. This didn’t work. It just made the fleas angry. I sprayed the cat with an natural remedy now the cat is angry, smells like a spice rack and still has fleas.

I bought flea bombs at the pet store. I nervously read all the instructions. I am terrified of all chemicals but I had no choice. I have at least 50 bites on my legs. I ran from room to room turning the bombs on with a bandana around my face covering my mouth.
I left for the afternoon reminding myself that I had to use the bug bombs, it would all be ok. I came home opened all the windows to air the place out, sat on the couch and put my feet up. I congratulated myself on a job well done looked at my feet and saw six fleas on my ankle. The fleas weren’t gone, yep, just even angrier.

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