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Breakfast buffet 3

Another day at a hotel with a breakfast buffet. I’m actually looking forward to being home, my pop tarts in the cupboard are looking darn good about now. I decided to have the “make your own” waffle. I tried to fill the “waffle measuring cup” with waffle batter but no batter came out, it must have been empty. There was only strawberry waffle batter so I decided to try it. I poured the batter in the waffle iron and closed the lid. A bright red clock on the waffle iron started counting down, two minutes thirty seconds until it was done. A man came over and tried to get batter. I told him only strawberry is available and that I’d be done in one minute and thirty seconds and gestured to the red timer. I looked away for a second and the man had opened the waffle iron. I explained that my waffle wasn’t done yet. He said “my bad” and walked away. I stuffed my mangled waffle back in the iron, let it cook and ate it while I  thought about writing this blog post and going home.



Breakfast buffet

At a hotel that has a free breakfast buffet. I consider it breakfast and a show. 

-I watched people putting pieces of sliced ham into the toaster

-A woman got breakfast for her child. She came back to her table dumped the food on the dirty table for her child to eat. Oh, by the way one of the foods she dumped on the table was oatmeal. 

– Two woman fought over who uses the waffle iron first. Voices were raised. Names were called. Because of a waffle…