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All these stories are true. I wish they weren't.

Another fast food horror story

We went to a Wendy’s in Hollywood. A street person came in and went to the salad bar. She grabbed a hand full of lettuce. An employee rushed over and grabbed her hands and shook them until the lettuce fell back in the bowl. They escorted the woman out and never removed the bowl of lettuce. We were done with our salads. Don’t eat at restaurants with me it never ends good.


I need more than lunch I’m thinking I need therapy

Just ate at a little sub shop. They didn’t give me napkins. No fork. No dressing. They don’t serve that? Cashier was rude. I tossed my rubbish away and set my plate on the counter. The cashier rudely said “give me the plate, don’t leave it there!” The owner asked me how was everything as I was leaving. I always avoid conflict! I responded it was good. Now I dislike myself even more than I disliked that sandwich.