It was a long flight

I was on the plane flying from LA. The person next to me was a woman about fifty who had never flown. She  spent all of the two hour flight hyperventilating, banging her head into the headrest of her seat and banging her head into the seat in front of her . She also sat with her legs crossed Indian style (I know that’s not a politically correct term. My children were taught to say “criss cross applesauce” in preschool) Her knees were on my legs. She rocked less when her legs were in this position. At first I couldn’t decide which was worse, her knees on my legs or her rocking. I quickly decided I needed my space and she needed to stay in her space. A flight attendant came by with bags of snacks. I took one, the woman next to me put both hands into the snack bag and took as many bags as her hands could hold. I closed my eyes at this point and faked sleep while I listened to her pretzel bags rustling.  It was a long flight! For both of us, I assume. 


6 thoughts on “It was a long flight”

      1. I have to tell you a funny story. Two guys I knew were traveling back from a meeting and there was a delay on their flight. This is being told to me by the witness not the apropos victim. For some reason, the future victim started ragging to my other friend about the obese person awaiting the same flight. He was not being especially kind. As the plane boarded, the future victim had the unfortunate experience of sitting next to the same person he was ragging on. The story teller looked over at the other friend and he saw tears streaming down his face (from stifling laughing at his own situation) as he knew he was being punished by God for his lack of humanity. Always remember, God has a sense of humor and be kind to others.

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  1. You were not being selfish, the woman was. As a seasoned traveler, their is nothing worse that an awful seat mate. I would have said something to her. If one is flying for the first time, she should have self medicated to save herself and everyone around her a lot of grief.

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