Don’t dress in the dark

I had been up most of the night because both of my kids were sick. I was exhausted when I had to get up at 5:00 AM and go to an event for work. With the help of the GPS I arrived with a co worker at the location and found a parking spot. As we were walking to the building I felt my co worker touching the back of my blouse. She said “is your blouse inside out?” I said “of course not”, then I looked at my sleeves and realized it was. As I’m looking down at my sleeves I hear the client yell my name. He was standing on the steps of the building we were approaching about 25 yards away. I waved. Turned around and walked about 6 feet behind me and stepped behind a tall hedge, pulled off my shirt and slipped it back on the right way. My co worker stood in front of me trying to hide me as I took my shirt off (unfortunately I’m eight inches taller than she is) and I could still hear the client yelling my name. After I fixed my shirt we walked over to our client. He said “you went the wrong way! I didn’t want you to miss me, where did you go” I said “I thought I left something in my car, I was going to go back to my car but found it” He said “oh, ok…and just stared. I don’t know what he thought but he did seem perplexed. The meeting did go well and thankfully he flew back to NY. 


6 thoughts on “Don’t dress in the dark”

  1. Quite funny. I have noticed on more than one occasion, different colored socks on my feet, near the end of a work day. Blues and blacks get masked in the dark. Thank goodness for tables.

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