Are my kids laughing with me or at me?

I was watching TV with my kids. I had the remote and I was flipping through the guide.

Me-Hey, kids let’s watch Expendables 2. I didn’t know they had a two.
Son-You would let us watch that?
Me-Sure, why not?
Son-Really, we could watch it?
Me-Why not. We saw the first Expendables.
Daughter-No, we didn’t.
Me-Yes, we did. Remember that family, in the super hero suits. The mom was elastic and stretchy and the dad was super strong. We have seen that a million times.

Both kids burst into laughter!

Son-That was The Incredibles, mom. NOT The Expendables.
Daughter-Big difference.
Me-Yep, big difference.

We laughed!
Me-You are laughing with me not at me right?
Daughter-Nope, we are laughing at you.


6 thoughts on “Are my kids laughing with me or at me?”

  1. Tell your daughter to laugh at me, as I had a similar thought about those movies. That is why it is important to be able to laugh at yourself, as in the eyes of teens we are comical. I could never understand why my mom had trouble remembering which of us kids did what, until we also had three. (You know I don’t like pineapple was uttered just this week by one who does not). Mine love it when I tell them stories about my mishaps.

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    1. Glad to hear I’m not alone regarding those movies. I like that “in the eyes of teens we are comical” I may quote you 🙂 This sounds odd but the laughing with each other and at me keeps us close. My siblings and i still joke and laugh with my dad like that.

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  2. I think btg5885 said it best. As long as we’re laughing, too, and we’re willing to laugh at ourselves, we all have a great time. I was explaining multiplication to my seven-year-old (he asked!) and I started counting off the groups ‘4….12….’ He gave me such a look of disdain, and we both burst into ACTUAL peals of laughter.

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