Talked to my college roommate

I received a call from my college roommate last night. It had been about six years. She used phrases like magnificent, on the other side of incredible, insanely in love as she described her life. My life is lacking exciting adjectives. It’s been a tough year for me and I had considered it a good year because I persevered. Now, I’m not satisfied.
I need a thesaurus for next year or maybe just for her next call.

6 thoughts on “Talked to my college roommate”

  1. People’s polished version of their life is not as rosy as it appears. They also don’t advertise their travails. It is like the proverbial duck being calm above the water, but paddling like hell beneath. Saying it another way, I would be hard pressed to find someone’s real life living up to the Facebook version of it.

    Be happy for her, but also in that you persevered when times got tough. You did good. Plus, you made me laugh several times throughout the year and I appreciate that. Happy holidays, BTG

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    1. I have never heard the duck analogy before. I like it! Thanks for the many, many encouaging words! They are very much appreciated! You are the great and powerful oz, you have all the answers. I’m glad I made you laugh! Happy Holidays!


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