7 thoughts on “Foot prison”

  1. Women’s shoes were evented either by a man, a sadist or both. I do like how it makes your legs look, but the price is high for you. I remember Tyne Daly in The Enforcer chasing Clint Eastwood down the streets of San Francisco in heels.

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  2. Aww… disappointed with no picture of your shoes! But your “foot prisons” have given me fodder for another post… I’ll make sure I give you a shout out to say thanks! 🙂 Super cute. That is one smart kid you got there… MH.

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  3. I no longer even try to wear ‘foot prisons’. I have several beautiful pairs in my closet that never come out anymore. I have fully embraced the fact that I walk like an ape when I’m wearing them and they make my feet hurt terribly. I’ll just be happy for all the graceful high heel wearing ladies out there, while walking comfortably in my flat shoes.

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