Rich people problems

I hear people complain about things I classify as “rich people problems”.

Below are a few I heard this week.

-we live a few steps from the beach. It’s such a hassle to sweep up all the sand in the house.

-I always find shells in my kids pockets and in the dryer. The beach is their backyard and it’s such a mess.

-it’s such a hassle going through security at the airport. Having to go to NYC, Southern California, Northern California, Aspen, Portland. I wish I sat at a desk in a cubical.

-I only get 75.00 a night for my dinner meal per diem.

I lack empathy. I’m struggling right now so I have “just making it problem”

(I will continue to add to the rich people problems list)


10 thoughts on “Rich people problems”

  1. Once we sat next to a couple in a French restaurant where they allowed us to bring our own wine on Sunday evenings, with a corkage fee that cost more than our wine. The woman was complaining to her companion about what a bother it was to keep a house in South Africa, one in Brentwood, and one in Vail. My husband and I nearly spit up our wine from nausea, except we already paid for it.

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