Give that big pregnant woman a seat

A few years ago I flew home to see my mom (she was too sick to come see me) I was pregnant and HUGE. I was getting close to having my son and this was the last opportunity for me to fly.
After my visit I arrived back at LAX and took a large shuttle bus to the valley where I would be picked up. I got on the bus and there were no seats so I grabbed a pole and assumed I’d just stand for the half hour ride. As the bus started going the bus driver got on his microphone and said excuse me there is a very pregnant lady who is standing and I think someone should give up their seat to her. Everyone turned and stared. I was so uncomfortable by the stares. No one got up. I told the driver I’m fine not to worry. The drivers said on the microphone, no you aren’t standing for a half hour as big as you are. He told the bus passengers to please give up a seat and let this very pregnant woman sit down. No one moved. I told the driver to please not worry about me I’m fine! I guess it was a matter of principle at this point because the driver announced to the bus he was pulling over to the side of the road and would not drive any further until someone gave me a seat. He started pulling to the curb. (He seemed like he was channeling my father on our summer vacations, I will pull over if you guys don’t stop fighting back there) I begged him to continue driving I was fine! After the driver stopped the bus a young guy got up and gave me his seat. That was the longest bus ride ever.


7 thoughts on “Give that big pregnant woman a seat”

  1. I’m blown away that no one gave you a seat! Bus etiquette people. On that note, a very pregnant lady got on the bus the other day and I was going to make my daughter stand when the pregnant lady very loudly announced to her friend she was so glad to be standing and she was getting off very soon. We all took the hint.


  2. I would have been surprised and disappointed except we’re talking LAX here. Not a whole lot to say here but personal experience has shown me that people in LA have consistently lived down to my expectations.

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  3. Me. Me. Me. That is what most people think. Even with that “all about me” stuff, I would think there would have been one person, at least after the first request. I am sorry you felt bad, but they likely felt worse for being less than helpful. I just hope if one narcisstic person shared the story, that the audience would offer constructive feedback.


  4. I think, if I were in the bus driver’s position, I’d have done the same thing, and I realize it put you in an embarrassing position, but I can’t believe he had to threaten and shame people into thinking of someone other than themselves for a few moments. There isn’t any reason for that, I don’t care who or where you are. The fact that NOBODY on the bus budged until it became apparent that they could be inconvenienced further disturbs me greatly.


  5. Thank goodness you have a great bus driver! In Singapore no driver does that as there is no microphone system. My poor old mum just tells a younger person to get up as she is 81 years old. She gets away with it šŸ™‚ which is good as chivalry or kindness can be quite dead really!


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