Singing in church

As long as I’m posting about church I couldn’t resist sharing this.

A friend of mine spent the summer caring for mentally disabled adults. He loved his job and was a brilliant caretaker. He would bring the two men to church on Sunday afternoons and he invited me to join them.
They loved to come and sing and clap and eat donuts. One Sunday after the band finished a song one of the guys yelled out, now sing “Roll Out The Barrel” and much to my surprise the band played it and the whole congregation sang it.
I still smile at the memory.


4 thoughts on “Singing in church”

  1. This sounds to be something from which Henri Nouwen would have been able to translate a tremendous spiritual experience.

    Just saying…


  2. Excellent. I like a church that does not take itself too seriously. You reminded me of my best friend’s priest, who at Midnight Mass, would always wish everyone a Happy Easter as he knew many would only be back next Christmas Eve. Per your earlier blog, this priest drank a few glasses of wine outside of communion.


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