11 thoughts on “Hamsters don’t sleep at night”

  1. We had a hamster once. Had a bird, too, hung up so the cat wouldn’t get it. (Yeah, I know. too damn many animals.) One night I wake up to the sound of the bird shrieking its head up, and I thought, “Stupid cat!” No. It was the hamster. Got itself wedged in between the bars of the bird’s cage and died a few days later. To this day I have no earthly idea how that hamster got out of its cage, trekked all the way to the living room, and got up to the bird. Maybe the cat made him jump…


      1. That happened about… oh, about 8 years ago. I still shake my head in wonder about it. It gets worse, though…

        See, the hamster was a Christmas present for my son who was 7 at the time. He named it “Fluffy”. Well, ol’ Fluffy was dead, and seeing as we live in the desert, digging a hole in the yard is not really an option: it was nothing but hard, baked clay. My son wanted to give Fluffy a proper send off, so we had the brilliant idea of trying to cremate it.

        All I can say is this: do not *ever* try to cremate a hamster. No, just… no. Don’t. Really bad idea.


      2. I am laughing SO hard! Having kids puts people in situations you’d never think were possible. 🙂
        You inspired me to tell my secret hamster story next blog. My daughter doesn’t know and confession might be good for the soul:-)

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  2. I once had a hamster named Sofia. I loved that little critter. That wretched wheel always got removed from the cage when it was time for the humans to sleep 😊


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