Cable man put your shoes on!

The cable guy was installing my cable. He was wearing socks and sandals. Yes, that’s a poor fashion choice but that isn’t the problem. He had his shoes off standing by my TV rubbing his feet on my carpet. One foot at a time. One shoe on, one shoe off. First just his toes then the bottom of his foot, then the top. Right foot. Left foot. I stared. He ignored me. When he was done with my cable he put his shoes on and left. Sadly, I didn’t say anything. I hate conflict.

6 thoughts on “Cable man put your shoes on!”

  1. lol. I just had a visit from a cable guy as well, and he did the same thing. I told him he could keep his shoes on, but he kept them off…must be part of the training.


      1. Thanks for getting the gist of my comments, although I left the “not” out. My bad. I looked through some of your recent posts. I think I will like visiting here. Have a great rest of your day.


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