My cat has fleas and my house does too-part 4

I need to get rid of the fleas. I’m running out of options. I obviously can’t tell anyone about the fleas in my carpet and my cat living on the table, except random pet store clerks. I bought a spray for the carpet a pet store clerk recommended. I was desperate. I planned to spray it in the morning and leave the spray to work it’s magic. My dad was in town he made plans to take me to lunch. It was perfect. I’d spray my place and wait outside for dad. When I get home I’d be flea free. I sprayed and I was heading out the door and I turn around to see my dad. He said he needed to use the bathroom. I left my place in a cloud of chemicals. I couldn’t let my dad go in, but that would mean I’d have to tell him my place was full of fleas I couldn’t kill and my cat lived on my coffee table. I couldn’t risk dad going in my place without a hazmat suit so I told him he couldn’t go in and why. He shook his head, the you have got to be kidding me look in his eye. Yep, I disappointed him again,
and I had a house full of chemicals and the cat lives on the coffee table.


3 thoughts on “My cat has fleas and my house does too-part 4”

  1. Vacuuming thoroughly and regularly will kill 96% of the fleas at all life stages. I just wrote a post about this that might. Good luck!


    1. I will read it. Thank you!
      Read part one of my blog my cat has fleas and my house does too. That’s where I tried vacuuming. 🙂
      Thanks for the advice and for not laughing (too much)


      1. Not laughing. It was a nightmare since both my cat and I are allergic to fleas. I look forward to reading more.


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