My cat has fleas and my house does too-part 2

My last blog left with the cat and my house infested with fleas.

I called a pet store and they said they would bathe my cat for a hundred buck or I could buy a bottle of dawn dish detergent and wash him myself. Since I didn’t have a hundred bucks I opted for giving him a bath myself. How hard can it be. I bought the dawn and headed home happy to be solving half my problem. I put on a thick yellow fleece to protect my flesh in case the cat didn’t cooperate in the tub. Filled the tub with water and bubbles. Brought the cat in and closed the bathroom door. I hoped he would know I was trying to help and let me wash him. He didn’t know. He did everything in his power to escape me and the tub. My fleece looked like the beaded hippie curtain you separated to walk through from the 60’s.

And the house is still infested with fleas. Check out part 3


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