My cat has fleas my house does too-part 1

My cat has fleas. Every pet store tells me it’s impossible for an indoor cat to have fleas.

Now my cat has fleas and my carpet has fleas. I can’t tell people this. They would be freaked out. I have bites all over my legs. I didn’t want to use chemicals so after googling I sprinkled the floor with borax and vacuumed 20 times a day. This didn’t work. It just made the fleas angry. I sprayed the cat with an natural remedy now the cat is angry, smells like a spice rack and still has fleas.

I bought flea bombs at the pet store. I nervously read all the instructions. I am terrified of all chemicals but I had no choice. I have at least 50 bites on my legs. I ran from room to room turning the bombs on with a bandana around my face covering my mouth.
I left for the afternoon reminding myself that I had to use the bug bombs, it would all be ok. I came home opened all the windows to air the place out, sat on the couch and put my feet up. I congratulated myself on a job well done looked at my feet and saw six fleas on my ankle. The fleas weren’t gone, yep, just even angrier.

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2 thoughts on “My cat has fleas my house does too-part 1”

  1. They can be a nightmare but keep the faith. If you keep at it you will break the life cycle. You only need to vacuum once a day but you need to do it every day for at least a month. Fleas are becoming resistant to pesticides. The last time I used them they did absolutely nothing.


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